Friday, 3 April 2020


Hi everyone, its me Vaha and this is my task for the Holiday Blogging. I made some Origami. I made a dinosaur. Here is a link to how to make a origami dinosaur.

 Origami Dinosaur

I hope you like it. Bye!

Wednesday, 25 March 2020

8 bit art!

Hi everyone my name is Vaha. I drew this on 8 bit art. It is about my culture and where I was born. I hope you enjoy and try something like this. I also want to tell you to feel free to comment on my blog and follow me right at the bottom of the page. Bye!

Creative Writing

Once Upon a Time. I live next to a forest. I was seeping at Night. When I Woke up at 9 a.m. I Went Outside to have some fresh air. When I was Walking down the forest I heard something Rory. So I walked towards the roaring was Come in from a cave . I got scared . so I walk in the cave. Then I saw a DANGEROUS!! Then I screamed !!!out Loud. but the DANGEROUS got Angry at me. so then Ran away. When I make it back home. And I was so scared. When I Felt so sad was I got some big Meet And two metal sticks at the Shop. so I went back to the cave when the DANGEROUS saw me with one eye. When I got so scared but the DANGEROUS smell the Meet but I was Still scared when the dangerous went up to me Then it nodded my head to me but I was get Confuse . Then I realise I wanted the food . was when he was About to edit but when he warmed up the meat because the meet was sill Cold . I felt so amazed when he did that . Then he gave me a second to hop on . then I hop on. Then the Kingdom saw me. Felt proud of myself. But my mum and Dad. Then I asked them can I have the dangerous. Then Mum and Dad decided. And then said no I'm just kidding they said yes. And that the End of the story